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Time for a Change?

Hey all!

Hard to believe it is the middle of August already. I started seeing Christmas décor in July and cringed. I guess I'm not the average retailer as I have a hard time thinking one season ahead. Can you relate?

As much as I plan to squeeze every last drop out of summer, I realize that nature is making changes. Days are getting shorter, and nights longer. So, taking a cue from mother nature, I'm thinking about getting my skin ready as well. Regular exfoliation is important every week to help stimulate the lymphatic system, circulate blood, and regenerate new skin cells. Cooler temperatures mean more topical hydration to keep skin looking and feeling soft. Changing scents is a fun way to switch things up. Citrus is especially enjoyable during the cooler weather. Not a citrus fan? No worries. You can still try something new or even add two scents like the Original and Allure, or Original and Earthy. Be sure to include your lips! Apply your favorite USC lip balm before bedtime and allow the moisture to work while you sleep.

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