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Why Natural Skin Care Products?

I was recently asked to give a presentation on products for the home. I began researching to prepare and was shocked at what I read.

Many commercial products contain toxic substances. From parabens, synthetic fragrances, phylates, sulfates, artificial colors, and more. At the very least, these additives can irritate your skin, and some can cause more serious side effects. Knowing that skin is your largest organ and everything you apply to your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream is definitely something to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, its up to the consumer to do the research. The dirty truth is that there are hidden dangers in products for sale on the market today. Did you know that some commercial personal care and home products contain carcinogens like formaldehyde? What the heck are these ingredients doing in these products? To make matters worse, some of these toxins are being stored in our fat cells, and it's happening at a younger age.

While I realize using clean, natural products may not offer immediate results. but because they are free of fillers or irritants, theses products perform better over time. Through repeated use, natural, clean skincare gradually offers improvement to the look and feel of your skin. I realize we are living in a day where we want immediate gratification, but at what expense to our bodies long term?

Finally, natural clean products are good for the environment because there are fewer toxins being released into the air and water. Products made with toxins can negatively impact not only your skin, but the environment in which we live. Think about what you are releasing into in the air you breathe and in your water source before you buy.

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