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Egg on Your Face

Have you ever had egg on your face?

No, then you may want to give this a try.

An egg white mask is great for tightening the skin.

Albumin, is the protein found in egg whites and is known in the beauty industry for firming and toning. Egg whites also help reduce the appearance of pores to give you a smooth glow.

The best part?

It's super easy and a staple most of us already have in our refrigerators.

To get started, crack an egg and separate the white from the yoke. I like to put the white in one glass bowl and the yoke in another to use at a later time. Whip the egg white. Use clean fingers or brush to apply to a clean face as a mask. Leave on 15 minutes while lying down. Close your eyes and keep your face relaxed. Cucumbers for the eyes and soft music are optional. You may want to consider setting a timer. Rinse with warm water and moisturize. It's that easy.

So, the next time you are going to a special event or want to give yourself a lift, apply a face lifting egg white mask!

You'll thank me later.

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