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As women, sometimes we get so busy caring for others that we forget ourselves.

Sound familiar?

I encourage everyone to take some “me” time and understand that it is not selfish. My wise dad once said, “if you don’t take care of yourself, no one else is going to”. As a teenager I did not quite understand the meaning at the time, but I have not forgotten those words.

Five years ago, my family lost a loving sister, daughter, aunt, mother, wife, niece, cousin and friend.

I choose, however, not to remember her passing, but her life. She was a beautiful, selfless, caring and giving young woman. To honor my sister's life, I created a special product.

New Sense (Lisa's Breast Butter).

I want to educate and spread the word about the importance of taking care of your breasts.

Massaging helps oxygenate tissue, drains flow of toxins and fluids in lymphatic cells, and also helps firm and tone. Breast massage is very beneficial, yet it is seldom mentioned or taught.

Using a balm, such as New Sense helps eliminate any friction while massaging, aides in balancing hormones, and provides moisture all in one.

I cannot diagnose, treat or cure any disease and I make no such claims. I am merely suggesting that you consider the benefits of massage and make your own decision.

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