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I would like to tell you that having beautiful, healthy looking skin is as easy as applying a product that will work miracles overnight. Doing so would be irresponsible of me and a misrepresentation of my business. Truth is there is no magical product that will work instantaneously to give you flawless skin.

It's a combination of drinking plenty of water, eating foods to nourish your body, exercising, sleep, and a natural skincare regime. In short, it's all about living a healthy lifestyle.

Are there days I fall short?

Of course. I'm learning not to beat myself up over a dessert, extra cup of coffee, or other indulgence. Instead I enjoy it, and then get back on track. I've tried the blame/shame game and it lead me into a downward spiral of feeling badly about myself.

In the next few blogs, I would like to take you through some beneficial skincare information, products, and healthy steps to your most beautiful you. Those days are not behind you, it's never too late. You are not too young or old to start. Join me as we take a journey of loving the skin you're in.

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