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To Tone or Not to Tone.

While thinking of a title for this article, I was inspired by Shakespeare's profound quote "To be or not to be, that is the question."

My question for you is, do you use a toner?

I will be the first to admit that I shunned the idea of using a toner, after all it was just one more step in my skincare routine. How important could it be right?

Let's explore the 5 reasons why you may want to consider adding toner to your arsenal of skincare products.

1. A natural toner adds moisture to your skin. Proper hydration is vital to giving a more youthful appearance, reducing the signs of aging, maintaining skin's elasticity, and overall smoothness. Gone are the 90's when toners were drying and had a tendency to strip the skin. We've gotten wiser and have sought out ingredients that nourish skin, to keep it balanced, and healthy. Moisturized skin also helps the other products you apply work more effectively.

2. Toners help to keep reduce acne by balancing the pH level, otherwise known as the potential hydrogen level of your skin. The pH levels determine the acidity level of your skin measured on a scale of 0 - 14, with 7 being neutral. When your skin has a balanced pH it looks smoother and vibrant. An unbalanced pH level makes your skin more prone to infection and oiliness.

3. Toners assist in removing both chemical residue and environmental toxins, such as smog from your skin, which significantly affect the overall health of your skin. The removal of these toxins helps you skin look healthier and brighter. Additional benefits may also include fewer wrinkles, less acne, and less acne scarring. .

4. The use of toners may also help to tighten your pores so that fewer toxins and oil absorb into your skin. This gives your skin a clean, fresh appearance. Large facial pores on the other hand, allow more dirt, toxins and oil permeate the skin, resulting in irritation and potential infection.

5. Using a toner may also help to remove oily buildup, dirt, traces of makeup, and dead skin cells making it less prone to acne. In addition to a being a nusiance, acne can be lead to scarring. Toners lessen the amount of facial blemishes and aide in preventing future breakouts.

*Added Bonus: Facial toners can also be used for and for reducing oily deposits on your back, chest and arms, where acne may also form. It's also helpful with cleansing in and around your ears.

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