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Sour Power

I had a lot of fun preparing for an article for a DIY article using sour ingredients.

I steered clear of looking online for inspiration, so I could be more original and unique. In this day and age we live in, it is hard to come up with something that has not been done before. Overall, I hope I achieved a different spin on the typical DIY skincare recipe.

My first task was to think about possible ingredients to use before heading to the market.

I wanted to use ingredients that would be staples in most homes. I came back with plenty of fresh fruits and ended up not including everything I had purchased. Ultimately, I decided that in most cases, less was best.

Next became the task of determining which ingredients to mix together and how much.

This was definitely a process of trial and error. My face was the happy recipient of each DIY recipe I created. I really enjoyed pampering myself with additional self care time, so this whole process was a win win.

I used Plain Greek Yogurt, fresh citrus juice, and organic honey in most recipes.

So many skin benefits in these seemingly ordinary ingredients, yet when combined made my face feel soft, happy and nourished.

DIY #2 Caffeine Exfoliate

1 TSP Used Coffee Grounds

2 TBSP Plain Greek Yogurt

1 ½ TSP Brewed Coffee at room temperature

A couple squeezes of fresh lemon juice

Mix above first three ingredients together in a small glass bowl before adding the lemon juice.

Spoon mixture in a clean ice cube tray. Yields 2 cubes

Application: Remove 1 cube from tray.

Glide cube onto a clean face. Use up to 1/2 cube when applying.

Gently massage into skin.

Rinse with warm water. Air dry and apply favorite moisturizer while face is still damp.

We found this to be most refreshing and a great way to wake up our usual routine.

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