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New Beginnings

I could not be more excited about beginning a New Year!

There is something exhilarating about a fresh start. Perhaps it is because I am encouraged to reflect back on the highlights of the past year and think about what I could do differently.

The same holds true for self care. I find myself desiring to vary my somewhat stale and inconsistent exercise routine with the return of winter. I tend to workout alone and decided to step outside of my comfort zone and sign up for a cycling class at the local YMCA.

I also am striving to be more mindful of what I feed my body internally and how it makes me feel. I believe it's easy to mindlessly eat out of convenience or shortage of time without enjoying or giving a second thought to what goes into your mouth, much less evaluate how it makes your body feel. I fully anticipate a spectacular year and need to be at my absolute best physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I have recently started using a type of fascia blaster to help my body look and feel its best. To often folks tend to think once you reach a certain age, you must accept things like batwing arms, saggy skin, etc. The truth is, we don't have to accept it. There are things we can do if we want to take the time and effort. Circulating the blood Is important to your body. Too often blood can stagnate and will continue to do so if you don't do something about it. The whole concept of using a tool such as a fascia blaster to eliminate fatty pockets or sagging skin has changed my belief about bruises. The Chinese, for example look at bruises as a stagnating of blood. I am not suggesting however, that any of you do physical harm to bring about a bruise and think you are doing something good. I am only saying that sometimes my skin has become bruised after a session with the fascia blaster. This is a subject you will want to research and determine for yourself.

Finally, I want to embrace me with all my quirks. Nobody can be me like I can and the same is true for you. Be the best you can be because everyone else is already taken. Let your light shine bright in 2017!

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