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Skin Care is Self Care

I've encountered many people at events who tell me things like they have given up on their skin or they are too old for skin care products, and the list goes on.

The truth is we are never too old to take care of your skin and there is hope.

While it would be nice to just apply a product topically and suddenly have beautiful skin, it does not work that way. Quality natural skincare products are only part of a much larger picture. We are on the hunt for a quick fix, or immediate gratification and good looking skin takes time. Having good looking skin is not being vain, it is simply taking care of our largest organ which happens on the outside of our bodies. It is the only skin we will get, so why would we not want our largest organ to function at its best? Age, gender, or ethnicity, do not matter because we all have skin! Skin Care is so much more than products, it is taking care of ourselves.

One of the ways I take care of my skin is a technique referred to as Dry Brushing or Dry Skin Brushing.

I discovered this technique from the owner of the local Health Shoppe. I did a little research and quickly got myself a long handled body brush and have been dry brushing ever since. I would like to tell you I do so every day, but that would not be accurate. I dry brush most days and definitely miss it when I don't. Why? Dry brushing helps increase blood circulation to the skin, which helps our bodies expel toxic waste and mucus, aides in cell renewal, digestion, stimulates lymphatic drainage, and strengthens the immune system.

Those are only part of the benefits dry brushing has to offer. Our skin is more youthful in appearance and I cannot think of anyone who doesn't want to look younger. I have never heard anyone say to me "I want to look older". Dry brushing also exfoliates the skin helping to unclog pores, and remove dead skin cells, resulting in the opportunity for new cell regeneration revealing glowing skin. The stimulation of skin brushing encourages better muscle tone and redistributes fatty deposits, tightening and smoothing skin all over, including areas of cellulite. Seriously, I do not know of any woman who would not like their skin to look more toned! Oh, and did I mention that dry brushing helps to energize our bodies naturally? More energy without caffeine, it sounds wonderful right? Let's face it, all that coffee we drink is dehydrating our skin, if we can be more energized naturally, through dry brushing it is the icing on the cake so to speak.

So, are you convinced there is something to this dry brushing? Well if so, you will no doubt want to know the technique. There are many variations and the internet is full of them, but if you are short on time, don't despair, I have included the method I use below:


You will need a long handled natural bristle brush allowing you to brush the hard-to reach areas, while the natural brushes won't scratch your skin.

How often:

Brush daily, or at least every other day, before your shower, while skin is dry and you are unclothed.

Why dry skin?

Dry dead skin is easier to remove without stretching the skin.


Be sure to brush in long strokes, upward or inward toward the heart, brushing each area a number of overlapping times. Brush lymphatic sites first; the thighs before the legs, the underarms before the arms, to get those areas stimulated.

Begin at the soles of your feet, brushing all over, between the toes, moving up your ankles, calves, then thighs again. Brush your fingers, hands, forearms, upper arms and shoulders.

On the trunk of your body, use counter-clockwise strokes, brushing your abdomen and chest (including your breasts - avoid the nipples - if you are a woman). Using the long handle, brush your derriere, lower back, sides and upper back.

The Massage:

Massage Hydration Oil into freshly brushed skin to nourish and soothe.

Big Finish:

Shower off In a very warm shower. Using a washcloth will further stimulate the skin and wash away all that has been exfoliated.Finish with a cool rinse and use your favorite Unbelievable Skin Care Hydration oil, Lotion Cubes, or Balm all over.

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