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Let's Get Real

Ladies, can we talk honestly here?

I don't believe we are meant to be frumpy and unattractive. I'm not suggesting that you spend beyond your means, but I am saying that there is something to be said for knowing your body type and dressing in a manner that is complimentary to you. There is no substitution for a tailor. We expect our clothes to magically fit us straight off the rack, and in most cases, that is completely unrealistic. I find that when I take my clothes to a tailor for a custom fit, I am much more apt to wear them and feel good in what I'm wearing at the same time. Keep reading for more ideas on looking and feeling your best in your clothing.


If you don't sew, find someone who does. I took a good hard look at the clothes in my closet that I have not worn and came to the same conclusion about each piece. Each item need tailoring to fit me properly. I decided it was time to take action and get them fitted by a seamstress in town. What a difference! Now I have new items to wear just by spending a little money. I am excited about these new additions to my closet without the expense of entirely new pieces. Genius!

Effortless Dressing

Simplify your getting dressed for the day by reaching for a maxi dress or jumpsuit. There are so many styles of jumpsuits and maxis, that you are sure to find at least one that you really like. (Think about accenting your strong features while making your selection.) Maxi dresses and jumpsuits look instantly polished and chic. The best part is that you put on one garment and you're done. No searching for a top or bottom to finish your outfit. Accessories are optional. Personally, I enjoy adding a cuff bracelet, earrings and a hat. I like this look a lot.


Sometimes we just need to try something new. A couple of weeks ago, I tried on a purple dress and was so pleasantly surprised, I ended up buying it. You must know that purple is not a color I am normally drawn to. It just goes to show that we need to be open to new things. If I had not tried on that purple dress, I would have ended up with another boring black dress.

Try on a garment that you typically would not. Clothing looks completely different on our bodies than on a hanger. Think outside the box and keep an open mind.

Shop Your Closet

Take a look at what you already own and get creative. How can you make an outfit look fresh? Mix up your clothes and accessories. Perhaps you could wear a necklace or brooch in a different way. I recently pinned a brooch I already own to a headband, and instantly transformed an ordinary up do into something tres chic. This is definitely a look I will wear again and again. The possibilities are endless. It' so much fun creating a style that is uniquely you.

Texture & Color

A skirt suddenly looks new and fresh when paired with a leather jacket. Opt for a pair of cowboy boots when wearing a dress. A clothing boutique near me uses cowboy boots in unexpected ways and it looks fabulous! Add a belt to a jacket or sweater to accentuate your waist. Embellish your sweater or jacket with a flower pin and/or scarf. Don't be afraid of adding color. Bright, vivid color is everywhere right now, so be as creative as you want. Wearing a pair of red shoes is a great way to add a POP of color and glamor to your outfit. I get tons of compliments when I wear mine with everything from dresses to jeans.

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