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Beauty is in the Details

By making just a little more effort, each of us can look beautiful. Consider this: You have to dress your body anyway, so why not resolve to look good doing it? Let's bring back polished, elegant dressing with attention to detail. These outfit details are effortless, and are sure to be a show stopper.

Faux Leather

Pick up a magazine, surf the internet, and you will see that leather and faux leather are very in voque. With all the versatility a jacket, vest, pants, or skirts of this fabrication bring, it is easy to see why. Adding one leather or faux leather item to your outfit adds a certain amount of edginess without trying so hard. Do avoid a head to toe leather look. Remember, less is best.

Faux leather usually means easy maintenance and cleaning without the added expense of dry cleaning. Faux leather has come a long way and in many cases is difficult to distinquish the difference between the two.


Accessories are an easy, inexpensive way to transform and update an outfit. Be creative and think outside the box. Have you tried a hat? I am excited to see that hats are making a come back. I have noticed that floppy felt hats are being featured in many stores and decided to purchase one. I usually am seen wearing a fedora or cloche, so this is fresh and different.

Try something new instead of sticking with the same old thing. You may be pleasantly surprised at the result. For example, hats are a classy, inexpensive addition to any outfit. See if you don't find yourself walking a little taller while wearing one. They are wonderful to wear on a less than ideal hair day and will add instant polish. Try an embellished ball cap, fedora or cloche. My new favorite is a cowboy hat. I am so tickled about the versatility of hats. Again, be creative and don't be afraid to try new things. We tend to get stuck in a rut and become comfortable with the same old things. Only wear a hat if you don't mind being noticed.


During the warmer months, I find myself wearing scarves I've had in my closet as headbands. This is such a chic look and instantly transforms a less than ideal hair day. I get lots of compliments when I wear this look and only I know that it took little time to look so polished. Scarves can be worn so many different ways and add a finishing touch to any outfit. I just purchased an over sized scarf and have mastered four different looks that I plan to wear this summer. I have discovered that a major department store, one that begins with an "N" has a video of the many ways a scarf can be worn. For a short amount of time you can learn these for yourself. I had no idea so many looks could be achieved with one accessory.

During the summer, I like to "rock" a simple tank top and shorts with a square over sized scarf. Add a hat to that look and now you've elevated two summer basics to the next level. Hats are excellent in the summer and are easier than ever to find at all price points. I know I've mentioned hats before, but they really are an accessory not to be ignored. With so many styles to choose from, you are bound to find at least one that looks great on you. Just think, depending on the hat, you also get instant protection from the sun. Now add sunglasses and you'll look like the star your are.

Faux Fur

I really like the look of faux fur and have a couple of scarves/collars that I use to instantly elevate an existing outfit. Faux fur is available at various price points. Adding one piece to your existing wardrobe instantly adds glamor and texture. You can spend as much or as little as you'd like. I find that these pieces can be worn each year. Add a decorative pin, and you easily change the look of your faux fur accessory.

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