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​"I am in love with your products! They're truly unbelievable. In three days, my skin has become smoother, brighter and more hydrated. Every time I use them, I fall more in love with how they feel. Thank you so much for letting me try them! You've created something wonderful." - Liberty

In 2012 I was diagnosed with skin cancer and learned the devastating news that I would lose the left side of my face from my nose to my cheek bone. After the surgery, it was imperative to find products that would aid in the healing! When I found Unbelievable Skin Care, I was beyond thrilled! I am a faithful user of the Citrus Facial Exfoliant teamed with Citrus Hydration Oil! I have witnessed a miraculous change with the scar (or lack of). -Mary

Kurstin Butts

"Love, love, LOVE the milky oatmeal facial scrub! I've used this product for months and have noticed the longer I use it, the more my skin benefits from, it! Thank you! -great products!" -Kurstin Butts

The Tranquility Balm is the perfect size to pop into your purse or makeup bag. It can be used anywhere that you have dry, sensitive, tired skin and really soaks in and heals that area. A stress relief product that also helps heal dry skin- I’m sold! Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed, I just pop the tin open and take a few whiffs. All of us busy Mommas know, we need all the help we can get! -Stephanie

Sean Miller

I love everything about Unbelievable Skin Care. From the natural ingredients to Pamela's passion, there is not a doubt in my mind that what I am putting onto my skin is healthy for it. Thank you for sharing your skin care secrets with me!

Christena Subler

"I just wanted to say Thank You for such a wonderful facial line. I am hooked and absolutely love the results!!! I use the daily cleanser, facial mask and hydration oil and couldn't be happier. My daughter and son have both started trying the acne solution this week and I am excited to see the results."

"I use the olive oil moisturizer and love it! It is not greasy and soaks right into my skin. I use it every morning on my face and neck. Also great on elbows and knees." -Jenny Clark

Kathy Weidner

"I absolutely love the moisturizer. I use it every evening and have noticed a big difference in how my skin looks and feels. The sugar scrub is great for removing dead skin and leaves my arms and legs feeling soft and silky. Great products that are all natural and leave you feeling pampered!" - Kathy Weidner

"The Unbelievable Skin Care line is amazing! I absolutely love all the products! They are yummy on my skin and even safe if I happen to get some on my lips.They are truly all natural unlike other products that claim to be. Thanks be to God for working through Pamela to create this fantastic Unbelievable line of skin care products." -Debbie Mitchell

"The Blooming skin care line is amazing!! I had the baby yesterday so... I am promoting the hydration oil as it is sitting on my side table."  - Lindsay Peltz

"Just wanted to say I've been using your try me kit from Sadie Grace for a little over week now. I love it. I've been searching for skincare without all the nasty ingredients in it and to add my skin is super sensitive. The oil has helped soften my skin and my break outs have lessened. I've added the oil to my conditioner, lotion, body wash. Basically everything. I just wanted to let you know how much I love your products, so I went back and got the clay mask today! I can't wait to use it."

"Have been enjoying theses products for over a year. The fragrances are natural and invigorating and the oils leave my skin soft, healthy, and glowing. Love her 'inventions'! P.S. The sugar scrub is amazing and 'sweet'!" -Katie Gabbard

I attended the Rejuvenation Station at Sadie Grace, and after a wonderful cuticle/hand massage, decided to buy the sample kit. Tonight, I wanted to pamper myself a bit, so tried the facial scrub and moisturizing oil. I have very sensitive skin and because of that have done almost nothing for my skin for several years. Not only does my skin feel extra soft and smooth after using both products, but there are absolutely no side effects. - Pam Fraizer

I started using one of your Try Me kits over the weekend. I love it! I have sensitive skin and most products cause me problems. Not these products. Thank you! -Shari Wapplehorst

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