Mane Tame


My Unbelievable clients have been asking me to create a hair product that also treats scalp psoriasis.


The featherweight blend is easily absorbed without feeling greasy In addition, Mane Tame willl help to hydrate, condition, and soften your hair while addressing the nagging symptoms of scalp psoriasis. 




    Certified Organic, Kosher Certified & Non-GMO Project Verified Sunflower Oil, Certified Organic & Kosher Certified Baobab Oil, Certified Organic Non- GMO Project Verified Jojoba Oil,  Non-GMO Project Verified Vitamin E Oil, and 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils of Peppermint (Mentha piperita)  and Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia).








    Due to the nature of our products, we do not give refunds. While we believe completely in the quality of the Unbelievable Skin Care line, we cannot resell items that have left our studio. For this reason, all sales are final. If you are in debate about which product to order, please contact us prior to placing an order. Our products are in perfect condition when prepared for shipment.  If there is a problem with your order due to shipping damage, please inform us within 24 hours of receipt. We will make every effort to correct the situation if the item is received damaged or compromised.


    For external use only. Keep out of children's reach. Avoid getting in eyes.



    You can apply as a moisturizer to your face and body, condition tatoos and eyebrows, massage into cuticles and cleanse the face. It may sound counterintuitive to use an oil to cleanse your face, but it really works. Avoid eyes.


    Also ideal for a deep hydrating hair overnight treatment. Simply massage a few drops into scalp and work into hair. Wash and rinse well in the morning. 



    Begin with wet hair. Gently rub 1- 2 drops of serum between your palms for 5 seconds before evenly massaging product into the ends of your hair as you work upward to the scalp. Apply 1 - 2 drops of serum and repeat the process on dry, styled hair to help fight frizz, and add sheen to your hair.*To use a treatment for scalp psoriasis, flip head upside down. Apply a few drops of serum to scalp and use fingertips to gently massage. For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. 


    Responsibly packaged in a 1/2 oz. cobalt blue glass dropper bottle.  Please recycle empty bottle.

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