March 6, 2019

I was recently asked to give a presentation on products for the home. I began researching to prepare and was shocked at what I read.

Many commercial products contain toxic substances. From parabens, synthetic fragrances, phylates, sulfates, artificial colors, and more....

February 23, 2017

It seems everywhere you look blouses, sweaters, and dresses are featuring bare or cold shoulders and I must admit that I  cannot get enough. No matter how you feel about your arms, shoulders and collarbone baring clothing looks flattering on everyone.

Whether or no...

January 6, 2017

 I could not be more excited about beginning a New Year!

There is something exhilarating about a fresh start. Perhaps it is because I am encouraged to reflect back on the highlights of the past year and think about what I could do differently.

The same holds true for sel...

November 7, 2016

I've encountered many people at events who tell me things like they have given up on their skin or they are too old for skin care products, and the list goes on.

The truth is we are never too old to take care of your skin and there is hope.

While it would be nice to just...

September 30, 2016

As we greet the crisp air of Fall and bid the sweet summer air adieu, our wardrobe begins to make a transition. Prepare your skin for the cooler temperatures by exfoliating once or twice a week.

Why? Old skin cells begin to pile up on the surface of the skin resulting i...

May 23, 2016

Cardio makes your skin glow by stimulating and improving blood flow, which help rejuvenate and moisturize the skin. Our bodies were designed to move. Exercise doesn't have to be drudgery. The key? Find something you really enjoy and do it. There are so many options, su...

April 25, 2016

What are you feeding your skin?

Perhaps you've hear the saying "You are what you eat."

Turns out, there is a great deal of truth to that statement. Consuming an overabundance of sugar and junk food is reflected in the appearance of your skin. Nutrition plays a critical r...

April 6, 2016

 It's called beauty sleep for a reason.

Your body needs time to regenerate and repair, which requires sleep. Sleep is one of the best kept beauty secrets. In fact, sleep may be the closest thing there is to the fountain of youth.

The key is to get plenty of sleep, typic...

March 9, 2016

This day finds me working on a presentation for glowing skin.

I would like to tell you that there is a product that will instantly do the job, but glowing skin is a lifestyle.

Beauty begins from the inside out and the current condition of your skin is a reflection as to...

October 5, 2015


Nothing compares to skin that looks youthful and radiant. Regular exfoliation and natural skin care products make a difference. It is never too late to have nice skin.


Your body needs water and plenty of it. Be sure to keep your body well hydrated throughout...

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Why Natural Skin Care?

March 6, 2019

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